In addition to therapy in private practice setting, I also provide equine therapy services located in Loomis. I am supervised under Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Shea Phinney #50023 while practicing equine-assisted therapy under the EAGALA model (equine-assisted emotional growth and learning). Clients who seek this model of therapy do not ride the horses, rather, they spend time with the horses on the ground and learn through interaction and observation. If you are interested in this modality or have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  

I am currently accepting in my practice 



Adolescent & Adult Individuals   

I offer a safe space for exploration and healing using a warm genuine therapeutic alliance combined with evidence-based practices. I value each client as unique and therefore create a treatment plan based on each individual. 

My Fees

Sessions are 50 minutes for $90 and 90 minutes for $120. Payment is collected at the time of your appointment by cash, check, or credit card.